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The 5 Biggest Vegan Highlights of 2017


It’s time to wrap up this year and head into 2018. And, to nobody’s surprise, it’s been quite a year for vegans and animal rights activists.

Take a look at the biggest vegan and cruelty-free highlights of 2017 that are expected to kick off the new year:

Countries banned wild animal circuses

This year was the year of giving animals the rights they deserve in the entertainment industry. The year kicked off with an announcement made by Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus stating that they will be closing their show. This was the announcement of the year, considering many animals are tortured to perform tricks in what we call the “Cruelest Show on Earth.”

Since then, many countries and U.S. states have followed suit by issuing bans of their own:

  • Slovakia banned wild animals in circuses and the ban will take effect in January 2018.
  • The state of Illinois banned travelling elephant acts. The bill, which was signed by Governor Bruce Rauner, will also come into effect on January 1, 2018.
  • Mexico issued a ban on dolphin captivity, which will come into effect in January, as well.
  • New York issued a ban on using elephants for entertainment purposes. The new law will come into effect in 2019.
  •  India, Italy and Ireland banned wild animal circuses and, recently, so did Scotland.

2018 will be the year to get England and every other country on that list!

Fashion designers ditched fur

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) were extremely successful at promoting animal rights in the fashion industry. This year:

They joined many other designers who have already banned fur, including Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Vivienne Westwood, to name a few.

Veg-friendly lunches launched in more schools

Vegan lunch options were launched at 7 LAUSD schools in Los Angeles as part of a pilot program – and the pilot was a success! At least one vegan option was also added to lunch menus at every single public school in New York. That makes 1,200 schools.

In addition, French Environment Minister Nicolas Hulot stated his opinion earlier this year regarding offering meat-free school lunches. He suggested that schools in France should have a fully plant-based menu as meat-free dining is simply “a matter of education.”

Countries promoted plant-based eating

The plant-based diet is much healthier for you. In fact, more and more people are realizing the health benefits associated with plant-based eating, as many people around the world have started to eat more plant-based foods.

This year, Canada suggested that their food guide should be more plant-oriented and asked the public to share their opinions. The idea received much support and Canada will be moving on with their draft that promoted ditching meat and dairy. The first part of their dietary guidelines will be released in 2018 and the second part will be released in 2019.

The Flemish Institute for Healthy Eating also changed their food pyramid by putting plants at the top and removing processed meats and putting them next to junk food.

We’re excited to see which other countries will join this plant-based crew in the upcoming year.

Celebrities made a huge difference in the veg world

The veg world must thank celebrities for their active, hard work in the plant-based world.

Vegan actress and model Pamela Anderson continued to promote animal rights. Having said that, she sent a Russian faux-fur coat to Melania Trump and gave cruelty-free items to refugees earlier in the year.

Paul McCartney even launched a video about Meat-Free Mondays, featuring Emma Stone and his vegetarian daughter and fashion designer, Stella McCartney, amongst others.

Natalie Portman also received standing ovation for her new documentary, Eating Animals.

What a great year it has been for vegans! Vegan Gazette joins many others who are excited to see what great things 2018 will bring to the vegan world.



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