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The Perfect New Year’s Resolution: Go Vegan!

Want to make a difference in 2018? Here’s a resolution for you: go vegan!
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The New Year is just a few days away and we bet you’ve already started your list of New Year’s resolutions. Well, guess what? We’ve got the perfect resolution for you, your family and your friends: go vegan!

There’s no better time to go vegan than in 2018. Plant-based eating has been named a top food trend for 2018 as more and more people try out veg options and transition to the plant-based diet.

Plus, there are so many vegan products nowadays that make meat, dairy and eggs unnecessary. Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are changing the dining scene with their plant-based burgers that look and taste just like beef, and it’s estimated that the dairy-free cheese industry will top $4 billion by 2024. 

Canada and Belgium are also changing their food pyramids/guides to promote plant-based eating, and French Environment Minister Nicolas Hulot thinks France should offer plant-based meals in public schools.

Not to forget to mention that schools in Los Angeles and New York are adding more vegan lunch options at schools not only because they want to keep up with modern times, but because plant-based foods are healthier than animal-based products.

Not only is veganism a growing trend, but it is a lifestyle, as well. Once someone goes vegan, everything starts to fall into place: people become healthier; they begin to realize the negative impact that the meat industry has on the environment; they start advocating for animal rights.

Just by being vegan you save (per year):

  • 365 animals’ lives
  • 10,950 sq. feet of forest land
  • 401,500 gallons of water
  • 14,600 lbs. of grain
  • 7,200 lbs. of carbon dioxide

(via The Vegan Calculator)

If you really want to make a difference in 2018, start by going vegan.

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