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Your Poster Design Could be Featured in the Next PETA UK Campaign


Calling all vegans and graphic designers alike! Have you been yearning to be heard since the start of this pandemic? Well, there’s some good news: The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals UK (PETA UK) has launched a contest to find the best poster for their next advertising campaign.

According to their official announcement: “When we emerge from lockdown, we must work to ensure that the threat of pandemics like COVID-19 is relegated to the past and do everything we can to protect our planet and all of its inhabitants. We must create a vegan future – and that’s where you come in! We’re launching a contest to find the best poster design depicting one or more of the dangers of exploiting animals.”

PETA UK lists some dangers as loss of biodiversity, species extinction, environmental destruction and breakouts of deadly pathogens.

The poster’s aim should be to urge people to go vegan by showcasing the effects of animal exploitation. Posters should be submitted in PDF format and PETA UK has provided an example on their Facebook page.

The deadline to submit your poster is 9 am BST (UK time) on May 20, 2020. One winner will be selected and contacted by e-mail by May 27. The contest is only open to UK residents. More details about the competition, along with the poster submission, can be found here.

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