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Fashion Designer Tom Ford Goes Vegan

Fashion designer Tom Ford has officially announced he has gone vegan in a recent Vogue interview.
Photo: flickr/Achim Hepp

In a recent interview with Vogue, acclaimed fashion designer Tom Ford announced that he has gone vegan after watching What The Health, a documentary that explores the health industry.

“I sent a note to Stella McCartney – one of my best friends and one of Jack’s [my son’s] godparents – and I said, ‘Stella, you’re not going to believe this,’ thinking she would say, ‘Well, it’s about time!’ But she didn’t, she said, ‘Congratulations.’ She was very gracious about it,” Ford said.

According to the interview in Vogue’s January 2018 issue, Ford even stopped eating Percy Pigs because they contain gelatin, an ingredient obtained from pig body parts.

While Ford is one of the first designers to go vegan, many other fashion designers have banned the use of certain animal-derived materials. Gucci and Michael Kors announced that they will be ditching fur, and BCBG has banned both fur and Angora.




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