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Beyond Meat Launches the Beyond Sausage




These are the real deal.
© Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat, the startup behind the famed Beyond Burger (a vegan burger that actually bleeds) is launching 100% plant-based, vegan sausages.

Ethan Brown, the mastermind behind Beyond Meat, has high hopes for his company. He originally planned to have his Beyond Burger sold in meat aisles across stores, which took him no time to accomplish. Now, he’s expanding his selection of products by adding the Beyond Sausage.

The Beyond Sausage contains 16 grams of protein and is gluten-free, soy-free, as well as non-GMO. The sausage comes in three flavours: Original Bratwurst, Hot Italian, and Sweet Italian.

“This is part of the continuum for us,” says Brown. “It’s really been a mantra for us that we want to relentlessly and rapidly innovate.”

Nobody could ever tell the difference between a pork sausage and this healthier, plant-based sausage.
© Beyond Meat

Brown says that the reason why he’s doing sausages next is because he realizes the concern people have regarding processed meat. Patties and sausages are also easier to replicate because they’re ground, as opposed to the complex structure of a chop, for example.

“We just always want our product to be indistinguishable,” says Brown. “This is one I felt we could get closer to the animal equivalent than other categories.”

Beyond Meat has been acclaimed by many people, including investors Bill Gates, Twitter cofounders Biz Stone and Evan Williams, former McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson, and even meat giant Tyson Foods.

The vegan sausages are being previewed at Whole Foods’ Pearl Street location in Boulder, Colorado and other locations will be announced in January.




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