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DKNY and Donna Karan are Going Fur-Free

Following announcements on fur bans made by Gucci and Versace, designers are trying to keep up with the fur-free fashion trend – including DKNY.

The animals have achieved another victory as DKNY and Donna Karan are going fur-free. It’s about time they join the growing fur-free list, considering major brands, including Armani, Gucci, Michael Kors, and Versace, have already announced fur bans. And just recently, the entire city of San Francisco decided to ban the sale of products and items containing real animal fur.

The announcement was made this morning by G-III Apparel Group, who is the parent company of brands including DKNY, and was immediately applauded by many animal rights activists and organizations, particularly Humane Society International (HSI).

“HSI is delighted that since Gucci declared fur to be ‘outdated’ designers have been racing to prove their relevance by dropping the archaic materials,” said Wendy Higgins, Director of International Media at HSI.

“In the latest designer declaration, this morning brands DKNY and Donna Karan pledged to ban fur cruelty from their collections, following hot on the heels of Versace and the city of San Francisco, marking the end of a fantastic week for fur-bearing animals.

“With each new fur-free announcement, designers like Fendi and Burberry that are still putting cruelty on the catwalk fall further out of fashion.”

Fur is, indeed, a thing of the past. With announcement after announcement made by major designers stating that they will be banning fur from future collections, it’s time to recognize the new cruelty-free era.

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