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Could Lab Grown Salmon Be the Next Big Thing?

One day, this piece of salmon will be replaced by cultured, or “clean,” salmon.
Photo: Pixabay/cattalin

Lab grown meat is on the rise as people step away from animals products and dive into foods made from companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. While lab grown beef has experienced a huge boom in sales, a new product may soon be taking centre stage: lab grown salmon.

U.S.-based company Wild Type recently received a $3.5 million investment to create a lab grown, cruelty-free salmon alternative.

Wild Type co-founders Justin Kolbeck and Arye Elfenbein are on a mission to create a platform – as well as the technology – needed to create cultured meat. While Kolbeck and Elfenbein are still working on further developing their technologies, they are keep to work around the idea of multiplying basic animal cells in a lab to create their meat. That’s what differentiates them from Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, who use plant cells in their lab grown “meat.”

This raises controversy because while Wild Type’s cultured meat is slaughter-free, it is still grown from animal cells and not plant cells. Because the stem cells come from animals, the product is not vegan.

Nevertheless, once Wild Type succeeds in creating cultured salmon, it will have a great impact on the environment since animal slaughter is a leading cause of global warming, and one-third of Americans claim that they are willing to eat cultured meat regularly.





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