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Thrive Market to Launch Dairy-Free Milk Line

Thrive Market is launching a line of dairy-free milks that feature only one ingredient.
Photo: Pixabay/LisaRedfern

The plant-based milk market has been booming, there’s no doubt. We have dairy-free brands, one of the most popular ones being Silk, and now Thrive Market has joined the team.

Thrive Market is an online shop where subscribers can shop from a range of products from paleo to vegan – all at affordable prices. Now, they’re debuting a line of dairy-free milks, which will be an amazing addition to their products.

But things get better with the fact that their milks will feature only one ingredient – that’s right, only one. The beverage will also be free from stabilizers and extra sugar.

“[We’re] bringing out a single-ingredient non-dairy milk. A lot of [non-dairy milks] have stabilizers – but we had the revolutionary idea that we trust our consumer is able to shake the bottle a little bit,” Thrive Market CEO Gunnar Lovelace told Food & Wine.

In addition to Thrive Market’s new milk, Ripple Foods launched a sustainable pea milk and Elmhurst Dairy switched to nut-based milks, rebranded under Elmhurst, due to high consumer demand for dairy-free milks and beverages.



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