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Meet This Sustainable Vegan Milk Startup

U.S.-based startup Canvas is making sustainable plant-based milk from barley wastes found in breweries.
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Are you currently searching for new a new food trend that’s taking centre stage? Take a look at this startup that has made sustainability possible with their new beverage.

Canvas is the new kid on the block, featuring plant-based milk made from beer wastes. This U.S.-based startup launched a Kickstarter campaign that amassed 479 backers and $47,351, almost double its initial goal of $25,000.

“In the beer brewing process, only the starch from the barley grain goes into making beer,” the company describes. “The leftover fiber and protein is called ‘spent grain’ and millions of tons of it are produced around the world every year. The challenge is, spent grain is highly perishable. So we asked ourselves, ‘What if we could find a way to save the grain and turn it into something beneficial?’

“We’ve been hard at work developing a process and technology to preserve the nutrient dense grain, and we’ve done it.”

Canvas’ barley milk is both nutritious and sustainable.
© Canvas

Canvas’ new beverage is both nutritious and sustainable. They take leftover barley from breweries to create their delicious drinks, and have come up with a solution to the problem of beer wastes.

The brewing process uses the starch from the grain, but the leftover fiber and plant-based protein, known as “spent grain,” creates a waste issue. Canvas has found a solution with their product and renamed “spent grain” as “saved grain.”

Their dairy-free milk comes in several flavours, including: Original, Cocoa, Cold Brew Latte, Matcha, and Turmeric Chai. All of them are high in fiber and are a complete source of protein.

In addition to Canvas’ barley milk, Ripple Foods has launched a sustainable milk made from peas. With nut milk, pea milk, and barley milk, we’re excited to see what will be next to join the plant-based milk market!

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