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Meet the Group Dedicating Their Time to Freeing Crustaceans

This organization is dedicated to releasing crustaceans back into the ocean.
© Crustacean Liberation

We have many animal rights groups dedicated to saving the lives of animals, but now’s the time for lobsters to take the spotlight.

Meet Crustacean Liberation, a new advocacy group dedicating their time to freeing the underrated crustaceans, which includes lobsters, crabs, shrimps and more.

“Our mission is to set captured crustaceans free and to raise awareness about the cruel treatment of these innocent, feeling beings,” the company wrote on their Facebook page.

The organization was created by Robbie Ruderman, who comes from Miami, Florida. With the organization’s goal in mind, his group goes and buys lobsters and sets them free by releasing them into the ocean.

“We felt there was a need for an organization to advocate strictly on behalf of crustaceans, who endure the most extreme and unnecessary suffering when they are mutilated, dismembered, steamed, and boiled alive, all while fully conscious,” Ruderman said. “The treatment of crustaceans would constitute felony convictions if it was being done to dogs or cats.”

Ruderman also added that crustaceans have been on this planet for as long as 150 million years, and that some scientists believe that their intelligence definitely competes with that of octopuses and squids, for example.

“Crustaceans have very good memories,” he said. “They recognize other crustaceans and remember past acquaintances. Crustaceans are also expert navigators with highly developed sensory abilities.”

Crustaceans also walk hand-in-hand, the older being guiding the younger one. But what is most important to know is that lobsters, crabs and other crustaceans are extremely sentient beings, and can feel many emotions, including joy and pain.

“We believe all animals have a right to live and a right to live free and a right to live free from suffering,” said Ruderman. “Unfortunately, our daily food choices have vast and tragic implications for animals and our health. It is well within our grasp to eat a healthy and compassionate diet and our own lives will be deeply richer for it.”

While Crustacean Liberation purchases lobsters and sets them free, they are not trying to create any sort of demand for the industry. If they must, they are willing to shut down the crustacean organization and switch to liberating other animals, since an increase in fishing demand would mean an increase in crustaceans sold in stores.

However, the most important thing for Crustacean Liberation is to raise awareness. You can follow them on Facebook or on Instagram: @crustaceanliberation.

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