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ZINK Removes Animal Products from its Collections


Texas-based fashion brand ZINK has transformed into an all-vegan brand.

Founded by designer Ben Freedland, ZINK used to base its products around exotic animal skins. However, they later launched an all-vegan collection in 2015 and finally started to transition entirely into a vegan brand in 2016.

In an interview with Vegan Magazine, Freedland stated that: “Using exotic-skins is the top of the luxury pyramid so I decided by using them it would be a way for ZINK to be instantly known as a high-end quality brand.”

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However, Freedland began to understand more about cruelty-free fashion after designing a high-quality bag that would retail under $100, and would therefore have to be vegan. He continued:

“So as time went on and I got more familiar with vegans, learned more about how animals were treated and also learned about how the world was suffering because of the fashion industry. I decided it was time for a change. Also at this point I had realized how much I cared about the world/planet, about who was making our products, how they were being treated, what our products were being made from.”

We applaud the founder of ZINK for making such a beautiful transition and realizing that the future of fashion is indeed veganism. Customers can now browse through several amazing new products, including Italian cork-based handbags and “plant cashmere” wraps, which are both featured in their new line.

Freedland admits to VegNews that this transition was a hard one; however, he definitely believes that it was “worth it.”

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