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Forbes Believes that Vegan Chef Will Take Over the World of Food

© MatthewKenneyCuisine.com
© MatthewKenneyCuisine.com

Everyone knows that the future of food is veganism. However, media outlet Forbes believes that it will start with vegan chef Matthew Kenney, who will take over the food world with his growing empire.

In a recent feature published by the media company, writer Michael Pellman Rowland focused on Kenney’s food empire composed of restaurants, culinary schools, as well as his packaged food line – which will be launched soon.

However, he also focused on Kenney himself, who is the man who has taken high-end plant-based cuisine to the next level.

Kenney’s veg culinary schools currently produce a $5 million revenue, and is predicted to grow into a $15 million revenue in only three years. Kenney also has plans to expand his culinary program into 20 more cities over five years. After all, there is a higher demand for the veg culinary program overseas than in America.

“A lot of major tastemakers in different industries are wanting to get into this form the investment perspective,” Kenney said. “Some of the biggest hotel chains in the world – even major multibillion-dollar food conglomerates known for processed, non-plant-based foods – they’re now reaching out to companies like mine to say they want to explore plant-based alternatives. I think it’s much more than a trend. It’s a new direction.”

In addition, Kenney will launching a series of pop-ups in 2017 across Europe and Australia.

He also claims that his restaurant/hospitality division will make $15 million in revenue over the next 12 months alone.

Get ready everyone, since veganism is the future for us humans!

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