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Wedding Called Off After Guests Riot Over Not Being Served Meat


A wedding in India took a wrong turn when attendees began throwing things at each other due to the veg menu. This resulted in the bride calling off the wedding.

Hundreds of guests attended the Dhillon marriage in Pujab. When they found out they were being fed veg-friendly food, a beautiful celebration turned into a horrific event, as attendees were throwing liquor bottles, rocks and punches at each other.

In addition, 12 guests became seriously injured and ended up in a hospital. However, the fight continued even after some people were injured. The bride called off the wedding, stating that she prefers to be “single rather than living in an uncivilized family whose members took drugs.”

However, the two sides had very different reasons regarding how they broke out into a fight. According to one of the bride’s relatives, “We were told that 40 members from the groom’s side would come but around 170 guests turned up. We were busy serving them when suddenly, 10-12 persons from the groom’s side, irked over not being served non-veg food, went inside the kitchen of the palace and attack our relatives.”

The groom’s family, on the other hand, blamed the bride’s relatives for the riot. One of the groom’s family members said: “We were serving our own liquor to our guests when relatives of the bride demanded liquor, which led to the incident. They attacked our relatives with weapons.”

It remains unclear whether this riot happened because of liquor or the fact that there was no meat. This is still under investigation.

However, despite this incident, it looks like it was a good idea to have called off the wedding because when two families don’t get along, it can lead to more chaos. Although, this was not the first time that a dispute occurred because of a veg-friendly wedding.

Earlier this year, members of another bride’s family refused to attend the wedding reception because the food was going to be 100% vegan. The bride spent a long time planning the wedding with her mother; however, after stating on the invitations that the food would be vegan, many of the guests did not want to attend because of the lack of meat. Even though the bride’s mother said that she would support her daughter’s decision, she didn’t “see the big deal in catering for everyone’s tastes,” despite the fact that her daughter was strict when it came to the menu.

Hopefully now that two incidents regarding veg weddings reached the news, it will open up other people’s eyes to the world. We should respect what other people eat; however, shouldn’t guests support and respect the bride’s diet on her special day? After all, a vegan wedding can be very interesting.

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