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First Pizza ATM in North America Will Serve Vegan Options


The pizza ATM, which is an automated vending machine that bakes pizzas when requested, is already a hit in France. Now, a pizza ATM has been installed in the Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH for Americans to explore. It is the first pizza ATM in all of North America.

However, even though the machine will soon serve vegan pizza dough and sauce, there are not any vegan options for people to explore at this ATM machine at the present moment.

Although, Jennifer Paiotti, the Xavier Dining Marketing Director, told VegNews that Xavier University has dedicated itself to understanding the dietary wants of students and “will utilize social media to find what our students would like in terms of pizza variety (vegan, vegetarian, and avoiding gluten) to the best of our abilities.”

It is indeed important to understand the dietary wants and needs of people and it is great that a university is doing so. After all, the demand for vegan food is growing every year.

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