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The Local Scoop Adds A Vegan Ice Cream Flavor


The Local Scoop, located in Cape Cod, MA, recently added a vegan flavor to their menu. Created by Diana Jeronimo, it is called “PB Jungle,” and so far, it has been a hit!

Ms. Jeronimo became a vegan about one year ago. She was previously a vegetarian; however, after watching “The Best Speech Ever” by Gary Yourofsky, she decided to make some dietary changes.

On the other hand, Ms. Jeronimo is an ice cream lover herself, stating that “Being vegan, you get tired of going into the shop and just having sorbet.” We can all relate to her situation!

However, Ms. Jeronimo was encouraging the ice cream shop’s owner, Mary DeBartolo, to come up with a flavor that was dairy-free.

After finally accepting her suggestion, Ms. DeBartolo told Ms. Jeronimo that she should make the flavor, as The Local Scoop only serves frozen desserts that are house-made.

“I don’t know the first thing about making ice cream,” Ms. Jeronimo said regarding this matter. She had to do a lot of research to come up with her new flavor.

PB Jungle is made out of coconut milk, unrefined cane sugar, banana extract, peanut butter, as well as candied walnuts.

This delicious creation has become very popular amongst vegans, vegetarians and even meat eaters. Local shops have even asked for pints that they can sell. In addition, Ms. DeBartolo asked her employee if she could create more flavors.

Ms. jeronimo stated that not only is she a really passionate vegan, but she wants to improve the recipe for “PB Jungle” as time goes by; however, she will be moving back to Boston in the fall to work at FoMu, a unique vegan ice cream shop.

Creating a vegan ice cream flavor was amazing; however, Ms. Jeronimo stated that she wants to create ice cream that will prompt others to say, “Are you sure this stuff is vegan?” She may be well on her way to doing so!

© Featured Image from The Local Scoop (Photo courtesy of Diana Jeronimo)




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