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Peet’s Coffee and Tea Brings Vegan Whipped Cream


Vegan products are booming nowadays. Up to date, we have created vegan dairy and meat alternatives. However, has anyone thought of vegan whipped cream? Well, Peet’s Coffee & Tea has! They are now serving house-made whipped cream at every single one of their locations – and it’s 100% vegan!

This new and innovative creation is made with Kara coconut cream and maple syrup. It is a part of their “Coffee Meets Coconut” menu, alongside coconut-based drinks.

But, this new creation is just another amazing vegan-friendly thing that happened this summer.

Earlier, Starbucks announced that they will be carrying their own almond milk in approximately 4,600 locations across the United States. Now that Peet’s Coffee & Tea is offering a dairy-free alternative to whipped cream, it shows that there really is no need for dairy and meat options – there’s a vegan alternative to almost anything!

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