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Violife Releases Vegan Cheese Platter for Christmas



Violife’s cheese platter was launched just in time for the holiday season!
Photo: Violife/Facebook

Violife is arguably one of the top vegan cheese brands around. Based in Greece, the company offers a wide range of cheeses from blocks to slices to cream cheese. Now, people will be happy to hear that they have launched a vegan Christmas cheese platter.

Included in the platter are three cheeses: Blu, Cranberry After Dinner, and Mature. The cheeses are coconut-based, rich in vitamin B12 and 100% vegan. They’re also kosher and free from preservatives.

“We are passionate about creating great tasting food without compromise or cruelty using only plant-based ingredients,” said Violife CEO Anthimos Misailidis.

“It is this ethos that has made us so popular with vegans, intolerants, vegetarians and flexitarians.

“Everything we make is 100 percent vegan, non-dairy, non-GMO and allergen free.”

The vegan Christmas cheese platter can be purchased at Sainsbury’s. They recently launched a whole new line of vegan marshmallows, whipped cream and other candies.



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