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This Vegan Dog Just Had its Debut at the Puppy Bowl

© Animal Planet
© Animal Planet

There has been a lot of controversy whether or not it is healthy to feed your dog a plant-based diet. While these canines are meat-cravers themselves, meet this cute little vegan dog that just tackled a big event!

“Peanut” recently made its debut on Animal Planet‘s Puppy Bowl. This event is meant to mimic the Super Bowl, and several adorable adoptable dogs roll around on a mini-football field.

This year, 39 dogs were divided into Team Fluff and Team Ruff.

Peanut, in particular, is a 19-month old Maltese mix and is currently being cared for by chef Mindy Poortinga, who only feeds plant-based foods to all the dogs she cares for, claiming that it improves their skin and fur.

In fact, Peanut was seen eating watermelon before hitting the field, which resulted in many comments on social media regarding whether or not feeding vegan food to a dog is safe.

However, according to Independent Journal Review, many nutritionists approve of Peanut’s diet.

“Despite their origins, dogs have evolved to be omnivores, naturally equipped to eat plant-based food. As long as their diet is complete and balanced, they can be vegetarian, or even vegan. The safest way to do this is to purchase a commercially manufactured complete vegetarian dog food that has gone through feeding trials,” said veterinarian and journalist Peter Wedderburn.

Peanut’s diet is composed of sweet potatoes, black beans, quinoa and peanuts. She is currently up for adoption through the Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, where she is waiting to be taken to the perfect home!



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