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Engineering Students Create a Vegan Mud Cake Mix


A group of engineering students at Lund University recently created a vegan mud cake mix in a Food Technology course after realizing that there were no vegan-friendly mud cake mixes in the market.

This new dry mix – which does not contain eggs or wheat- is easy to use as all it requires is the addition of oil and water. It is also gluten-free while not containing a huge amount of sugar.

“A major challenge for the students was how to achieve good consistency and taste without using eggs or wheat flour, but also sourcing affordable ingredients suitable for large-scale production,” Lund University wrote.

“They found it actually required engineering skills down to the molecular level to produce good semi-processed food.”

The mud cake mix is currently not for sale as it is a student project. However, one of the students who worked on the project, Anna Telfser, believes that it has market potential.

“The vegan market is growing, that is obvious,” Telfser said. “In addition, this product only contains natural ingredients, something for which there is high consumer demand.”

The vegan mud cake mix contains a little more protein than a regular mix and – according to a tasting panel – tastes just like mud cake!




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