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New Whole Foods Location Features a Produce Butcher

© Whole Foods/Instagram
© Whole Foods/Instagram

Whole Foods recently opened its 468th store, located in New York City near Manhattan’s Bryant Park. However, this location comes with a twist; it features a “Produce Butcher.”

For $1 per pound, or per individually priced items, shoppers can hand over their fruits and vegetables to be sliced, chopped, diced or minced.

This in-store concept is a reflection of the growing “vegan butcher” community. It has proved that the term “butcher” doesn’t only refer to meat, but to anything that can be cut up in several ways.

In addition to the produce butcher, this Manhattan Whole Foods location features a tahini cart, where company Seeds + Mills grinds sesame seeds into delicious tahini. There’s a lot to be excited about regarding Whole Foods’ latest location!

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