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Vegan Butcher Shop Coming to Victoria, BC

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Canada, get ready, since Victoria is getting a vegan butcher shop this month!

Set top open on February 25, The Very Good Butchers will feature organic bean and grain-based meats, plant-based sausages, roasts, burgers, salads and more. Made at a small facility on Denman Island, the shop will also supply their food to local BC restaurants and health food stores.

This butcher shop was the result of couple James Davison and Tania Friesen receiving a huge demand in plant-based foods.

“As people are becoming more aware of the impacts of what they’re eating, there is an increasing demand for plant-based alternatives,” Friesen told VegNews.

Davison and Friesen met at the same restaurant they worked at in Vancouver and started selling their organic vegan products at a local farmer’s market last year, hoping to make cruelty-free meat alternatives available to vegans and others alike.

A little while later, the demand at that location became too much for them to handle, so they partnered with marketing director Mitchell Scott to open their shop.

In addition to The Very Good Butchers, Canadian-based vegan company Gusta Foods recently opened a second location of their vegan butcher shop in Montreal, QC, and Ontario-based vegan butcher shop YamChops is planning on opening 50 more locations around North America with a $250,000 investment they received from investors through Dragons’ Den.



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