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New York City is Getting an All-Vegan Food Hall

© HOME Food Hall/Facebook
© HOME Food Hall/Facebook

New York City is getting it’s very first all-vegan food hall next year!

It’s time to add the Big Apple to your list of travel destinations, since this 7,000 square feet plant-based destination (HOME Food Hall) will feature a series of veg restaurants, a fitness area, as well as cruelty-free events.

This friendly space came from the minds of Rescue Chocolate and the Veganizer NYC. They are currently searching for more than 15 vendors, in which Beyond Sushi and Cinnamon Snail have already joined.

“We are choosing plant-based because it is the future. More and more people are leaving animal products behind, and the planet needs this,” the team told VegNews.

This food hall brings Veganizer NYC one step closer to accomplishing their goal, which is to make every single restaurant in New York City to make at least half of their menus vegan. After all, plant-based is the future.

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