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Vegan Chocolate for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is next week and what screams “I love you!” more than chocolate? Or even better: vegan chocolate!

Check out these perfect dairy-free chocolates that will sweep your valentine off her feet:

Avocado Chocolate – Love Cocoa

Photo: Love Cocoa

British-based chocolate makers Love Cocoa are the masters behind Europe’s first avocado-based chocolate.

This 70% dark chocolate bar is made with the best ingredients, including avocados from Michoacán, Mexico and fine dark chocolate from Ecuador. All you need is to give your vegan girlfriend this gift to win her heart.

The All Dark Vegan Chocolate Hamper Collection – Hotel Chocolat

Photo: Hotel Chocolat

You’ll only find the finest chocolate at Hotel Chocolat. Also based in Britain, Hotel Chocolat has created a luxury dark chocolate basket that will fulfill every chocolate-lover’s dream.

In addition to being dairy-free, these chocolates are also free from artificial flavours and colours, as well as sulphites.

Marzipan Chocolate Bar – Ritter Sport

Photo: Ritter Sport

This is one of Ritter Sport’s “accidentally” vegan products. Made with Californian almonds, the marzipan filling between two chocolate pieces is heaven in your mouth. This is perfect for any marzipan-lover.

So Free Chocolate – Plamil

Photo: Plamil

Plamil has an assortment of vegan chocolate bars in their “So Free” collection. You can choose from flavours like Tropical Orange, Dairy Free Milk Chocolate, Intense Mint and more. There’s also dark and white chocolate for people with all sorts of tastes.

All of their So Free chocolate bars are also organic.

Signature Truffle Collection – No Whey!

Photo: No Whey!

You’ll definitely impress your compassionate girlfriend with this box of 15 dairy-free truffles by No Whey! They’re free from gluten, peanuts and tree nuts, making this assortment perfect for anyone who is also allergic to nuts.

These chocolates are also free from artificial flavours and colours.






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