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This London Hotel Now Offers Vegan Room Service

St Giles Hotel now offers vegan room service.
Photo: © St Giles Hotel

St Giles Hotel in London, UK is now offering vegan room service.

The only catch, though, is that they will be serving heated up BOL ready meals. What you’re really getting is store-bought food heated up and sent to your room. Nevertheless, BOL meals are healthy and delicious.

This is a great start for the hotel, considering they never offered room service before. They are experimenting with vegan food offered in their executive suites.

If the trials are a success, then the hotel will expand their room service to other suites.

According to St Giles’ CEO, Abigail Tan-Giroud: “The partnership with BOL is a result of a growing trend in hotel guests looking to keep up their healthy habits when travelling abroad, especially on business.

“We have seen a dramatic increase in visitors requesting gym passes, vegan and vegetarian restaurant recommendations and guides for running and cycling in the city,” she continues.

“Our partnership is an exciting step towards the future of room service and a reflection of London as the conscious cosmopolitan capital.”

BOL meals are offered as of today and if the hotel continues with their additions to accommodations and services, they may bump up to a four-star hotel!




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