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Under Armour Supports Trophy Hunting


The popular activewear brand, Under Armour, is just like any other activewear brand, right? Well, it turns out that this sports apparel and fitness company supports trophy hunting – a big no! no! for vegans and animals lovers.

Under Armour has shown their support towards individual trophy hunters on a social media site #uahunt. Here, trophy killers get to post pictures and brag about their latest catches, and then congratulate others alike on their latest victims.

However, it was observed that all of these hunters were, in fact, thanking Under Armour for their tremendous amount of support.

Ms. Jones, Ms. Shockey and Mr. Hanes have been pointed out especially, as you can scroll through their posts and see how they boast over their latest innocent victims with huge smiles, making sure that the Under Armour logo is clearly being shown, while saying “thanks” to the company for their products.

Anyone who is against trophy killing can take the pledge at change.org, promising not to buy any products from Under Armour until they stop supporting this terrible so called “sport.” After all, how is it a game when the opponent doesn’t know what they’re playing?

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