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Turin’s New Mayor Wants To Make Turin The First ‘Vegan City’ In Italy


turinitaly (350x233)Chiara Appendino, the new mayor of Turin, had included her plans to reduce the amount of meat consumed in Turin in her presentation of the five-year political program of her new council.

The program stated: “The promotion of vegan and vegetarian diets is a fundamental act in safeguarding our environment, the health of our citizens and the welfare of our animals.”

According to the council, they will be spending the next five years educating the children in Turin regarding issues in the food industry so that the consumption of food products will be less in the future.

“Leading medical, nutritional and political experts will help promote a culture of respect in our school, teaching children how to eat well while protecting the earth and animals,” the program stated regarding this matter.

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Even though veganism shall be growing in Turin, some restaurants will still continue to serve meat.

In fact, Stefania Giannuzzi, the council’s environment assessor, would prefer to respect the effort people have put in these many years, which has helped form the Piedmontese culture.

“We have total respect for our food heritage, our restaurants and nothing against the meat industry,” she told Corriere della Sera.

“I would not want to create a contrast with the meat industry. We do not want to close the small shops or ruin the people who have worked hard for years to develop the Piedmontese food and wine heritage,” she continued.

In the past years, many UN reports have showed the negative effects of meat consumption on our health and the environment. In fact, FAO had reported that the meat and dairy industries were responsible for more and more greenhouse gas emissions every year.

With all of the negative effects meat has had on our health and the environment, we strongly support Mrs. Appendino and her new plans for Turin. Hopefully, more Italian cities will begin to follow Turin’s new great position on veganism.

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