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Gik Vegan Blue Wine Coming to the United States

© Image from Gik
© Image from Gik

The vegan Spanish wine company, Gik, is going to bring a vegan blue wine to the United States this upcoming fall.

Many people expect foods and drinks with such bright colours to have dyes and chemicals added to them; however, Gik‘s blue wine is made by using a pigmentation process starting with a mixture of red and white grapes that are added to indigo and anthocyanin, organic pigments they use. In fact, these organic pigments come from the skin of the very grapes they use to make wine.

According to Gik, “Our processes are safely regulated and have received the approval of institutions such as the European Food Safety Authority, who evaluate the terms of use of all all compounds.”

Starting as a local company, Gik has now expanded their products to several other countries, such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Portugal, Germany and Switzerland, as well. Their main wineries are in the gorgeous Spanish regions of La Rioja, Zaragoza and Courthèzon.

“We believe in the creative rebellion, we build new things, break with the past, and create our future,” states the company’s mission.

It is great to see such an innovative company expanding their wine to other countries. It’s about time a creation like that of Gik‘s is introduced to the United States.

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