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Ravi DeRossi’s New Vegan Tapas Bar Is Now Open

© Image from Ladybird© Image from Ladybird

After years of planning and weeks of renovating, restaurateur Ravi DeRossi’s new all-vegan tapas bar, Ladybird, opened on Thursday, July 21.

Ladybird has replaced DeRossi’s very first restaurant, The Bourgeois Pig, with a vibrant new environment, featuring a menu put together by Daphne Cheng, the chef from Mother of Pearl, one of DeRossi’s other restaurants. This plant-based menu is composed of “globally-inspired vegetable tapas”.

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DeRossi had previously made a statement regarding the environment of this new bar: “It will be very light and airy.” In fact, light and airy are the perfect words to describe this eatery filled with emerald-coloured furniture and curtains, gold mirrors, gold trimming on the roof, gorgeous white tables and elegant marble floors.

DeRossi has had plans for Ladybird for quite a few years, and now, he has had the opportunity to fulfil these plans. Despite his sadness towards closing his first restaurant, The Bourgeois Pig, DeRossi’s want to help put an end to animal cruelty is stronger than his sorrow. In fact, 10% of profits Ladybird makes will be donated to BEAST Foundation, DeRossi’s non-profit foundation, to help put an end to animal cruelty.

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