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Donut Farm Serves Vegan Doughnuts

© Image from Peeples Organic Donuts
© Image from Peeples Organic Donuts

Donut Farm, located at a shopping center in Silver Lake, serves all-vegan doughnuts. Despite the fact that it may seem like any other American doughnut shop, this location features not only vegan but organic donuts as well.

Donut Farm, which opened in 2015, has many locations around the United States, including locations in San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley. It’s history dates back to 2007 as a hobby for Josh Levine, a resident of San Francisco. In 2010, he opened his first doughnut shop in Oakland.

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Aside from the doughnuts being featured as organic and vegan, they taste just like any other delicious doughnut. It would be very difficult for anyone to tell that they are by any chance vegan.

Donut Farm also features fritters, which are vegan as well. They come in flavours such as apple or even banana. They also serve freshly roasted organic coffee from McLaughlin Coffee. This is a hot spot for any vegan craving a dairy and egg-free option of these decadent desserts.




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