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Reality TV Stars Launch Vegan Restaurant in London

Reality TV star sisters have chosen the perfect time to open a vegan restaurant in London.
Photo: Tell Your Friends/Instagram

Londoners, get ready! Sisters – and reality TV stars – Lucy and Tiffany Watson, from Made in Chelsea, are launching a vegan restaurant in London on May 1st.

The restaurant, called Tell Your Friends, is backed by the sisters’ father, Clive Watson, who is the owner of The City Pub Group, and will feature a variety of delicious and nutritious plant-based foods.

“At TYF, we’ve filled our menu with fresh seasonal ingredients, healthy eats [and] hearty comfort food, so whether you’re vegan or not we think you’ll find something you’ll love,” said the Tell Your Friends website.

There will be a variety of options from beers to wines to fish ‘n’ chips. The family also tries to source as many ethical ingredients as possible.

The restaurant was created because of the fact that Lucy has been vegetarian since childhood and became vegan three years ago, with Tiffany following suit. It’s also the perfect time to open a vegan restaurant in London, as the UK’s vegan population has reached 3.5 million.

Many restaurants have also gone vegan in the last few months, or have been adding more vegan options to their menus. It was reported that restaurants see a sales increase of 129% after going vegan. We have no doubt that Tell Your Friends will be a huge success!

The restaurant will open on May 1st at 175 Kings Road, London, SW6 4SW.

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