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Purple Carrot Receives $4 Million Investment to Expand Plant-Based Meal Delivery Service

Tom Brady’s TB12 meal plan accounts for one-third of Purple Carrot’s total sales.
Photo: © Purple Carrot

There is no doubt that veganism has gone mainstream. With help from celebrities like Beyoncé and Kat Von D, many people are ditching animal products and switching to a plant-based diet. There is yet another celebrity who is also contributing to this growth – Tom Brady, who follows an almost-fully-vegan diet.

Back in 2017, Brady and plant-based meal delivery service Purple Carrot partnered to create a meal plan based on what the NFL player eats. In fact, the partnership was extremely successful, considering one-third of Purple Carrot’s sales come from Brady’s TB12 Performance Meal Kit. And now, Purple Carrot is receiving a huge investment of $4 million from Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. to expand their plant-based meal kit delivery service.

“For Purple Carrot, the investment brings an infusion of capital as well as leverage to optimize supply efficiency, gain access to the developing retail chain, and pursue unique opportunities for category expansion,” said a Purple Carrot representative.

“In addition, it will give the brand unparalleled access to an even stronger array of quality ingredients, farms, and distributed channels. The investment comes at a time where the growth in plant-based eating is expected to double from 2015 to an estimated $25 billion in 2020 – and the meal kit market is projected to grow from $1.6 billion in 2016 to $35 billion in 2025.”

Purple Carrot based their business around providing healthy meals, hoping to fulfill their vision of a world where plant-based becomes a mainstream choice that will positively impact people’s health, the environment, as well as animal welfare. Looks like their vision will soon be fulfilled, considering many millennials are choosing to eat more plant-based options.

According to Purple Carrot founder and CEO, Andy Levitt, “The investment is a huge validation of our business model, and an important step forward for our company. Helping people eat more plant-based foods represents our differentiated, purpose-driven commitment to making the planet and the people who live on it healthier.”




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