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Pecan-Based Vegan Eggnog Hits the Shelves for this Holiday Season

© MALK Organics

Nut-milk company based in Texas, MALK Organics, has launched a new and innovative version of vegan eggnog. Not only does the fact that it’s vegan-friendly make it unique, but so does the fact that it’s pecan-based!

This new version of vegan eggnog – called Pecan Malk Nog – is made from cold-pressed pecan milk, nutmeg and cinnamon. The perfect combo for a perfect holiday drink!

In addition, the company states that this product is free from artificial ingredients, thickeners, gums, preservatives and a harmful algae known as carrageenan.

MALK Organics CEO August Vega mentioned the reason why the company added this new flavour to their six other flavours, which include unsweetened almond, maple pecan, vanilla almond, unsweetened cashew, cold brew coffee with pecan, and chocolate pecan malk. She stated:

“Our customers mean the world to us, so we created this delicious holiday nog in celebration of them. Nog is nostalgic for so many and we’re thrilled to be adding this classic holiday drink with a healthy twist to our product line.”

Pecan Malk Nog is available at over 40 Whole Foods Market locations within the southwest region.



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