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The Peacock Becomes the First Pub in Nottingham to Introduce a 100% Vegan Menu


The Peacock, located in Nottingham, is a pub that used to feature pork pies and run a weekly sausage society. However, as of September, 2016, they will be featuring an all-vegan menu – and they’re the first in the city to do so.

On September 5, you can head over to the pub to try items from their new and improved menu composed of dishes suggested by customers.

Some suggestions include vegan cheesecake, macaroni and cheese, mushroom burgers, spring rolls, chocolate fudge cake and more!

However, The Peacock was already serving some veggie options prior to closing for some improvements. One of their most popular dishes was their vegan version of fish and chips, in which they used tofu and put kelp in breadcrumbs to bring this dish to life.

Although, according to the landlord, Michael Scholes, the reason why they decided to make The Peacock an all-vegan place was because he had several vegan friends, as well as the fact that veganism has become a growing trend.

He stated: “Vegan food has come on leaps and bounds. I eat it a lot with friends. I don’t feel we’re excluding anyone.

“I am thrilled with the response. I thought am I doing the right thing? But this has made me a lot more confident.”

A recent survey showed that there were at least 542,000 vegans in Britain alone. This number is over three-and-a-half times the number of vegans there were only ten years ago. In fact, the number of vegans is believed to reach one million as half of the vegetarians in Britain are thinking of ditching dairy.

In addition, Adrian Bhagat, the vegan who runs Bluebird Wholefoods, said that The Peacock’s improvements was “brilliant news.”

He is also hoping to see a nice variety of vegan beers down at the pub. (Who wouldn’t want that going to a vegan pub?) “The last year or two there have been a lot of new places serving vegan food. The provision for vegans has exploded,” said Mr. Bhagat.

In addition to this news and the rise of veganism in Britain, an all-vegan cafe will be opening in Cobden Chambers, later this August. It will be called Amala Living Foods and they will be serving organic, raw and vegan dishes, as well as smoothies and juices.

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