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MooShoes Is Opening a Vegan Grocery Store


Earlier this month, the popular vegan brand MooShoes closed their Manhattan Lower East Side location for renovations. However, when they re-open this fall, they will not only be a shoe store, but an all-vegan grocery store as well!

After several years in the fashion industry, co-owners Erica and Sara Kubersky decided to get themselves involved in the growing vegan market. Their grocery store, called Orchard Grocer, will feature a 100% vegan deli, as well as vegan dry goods and soft-serve ice cream.

The Kuberskys had planned for the opening of both their shoe store and their grocery store to be this fall. Erica had previously told the Bowery Boogie that MooShoes should re-open this September and the opening of Orchard Grocer will follow in October.

The shoe store’s cats, who were also quite famous, will be returning as well. Erica stated: “The cats are staying with one of the employees until the renovations are done. We hope they will like what we have done with the place.”

The cats will definitely love the improved space, and so will shoppers! Vegans and others alike will be able to get their shoe and grocery shopping done at the same time!

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