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Morrissey Wants GM to Offer Vegan Leather Options for Their Cars’ Interiors


Don’t you just love the feeling of a leather seat when driving in a car? Well, Morrissey has one problem with that: it’s not vegan.

The former Smiths frontman wrote a letter to General Motors‘ chair and CEO, Mary Barra, asking GM to consider adding vegan leather options to their cars’ interiors.

He wrote: Given that the Volt and Bolt are being marketed to eco-conscious buyers, entirely vegan options would only broaden their appeal.

Morrissey was a vegetarian before he decided to completely rule out animal products from his diet and go vegan.

“Everybody begins as vegetarian,” Morrissey said. “Because to dive straight forward into being completely purist is very hard for most people. Financially they can’t do it. And also you have to find food.”

However, while finding vegan food may seem hard at first, getting a vegan car would be much, much harder!

Morrissey continued his letter, stating: As I head to Detroit to play the Royal Oak Music Theatre, I’m writing to ask GM to make Chevy’s Volt and Bolt more eco-friendly by giving buyers the option to choose vegan leather interiors – including steering wheels and gear shifts.

Whether or not GM considers Morrissey’s letter is yet to be seen; however, so far Elon Musk’s Tesla offers a vegan leather option. Will vegan leather be the future of cars? That is yet to be determined!

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