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This Toronto Restaurant Serves Unique Vegan Dishes

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Many vegan restaurants have been opening this year around the world. However, the whole province of Ontario is becoming Canada’s vegan hot spot!

Planta recently opened in Toronto, Ontario. Here, you’ll be able to taste several innovative dishes, including “Habibi” (Arabic for “beloved”), which is a nod to the chef’s mother, who helped create the dish. It is composed of cauliflower couscous, lentils, split pea fritters, parsley, mint and topped off with tahini dressing. “The Italian Job” pizza is another must-try, as it has delicious cashew mozzarella and fennel sausage, which was inspired by the 1969 Michael Caine film.

Last year, owner Steven Salm read many book, articles, and watched documentaries about animal agriculture and how it affects the environment.

“I’ve adopted a plant-based diet for close to 11 months now,” he said, “and my performance across the board has increased. I’m thinking clearer. I’m sleeping better.”

However, this new restaurant isn’t the only amazing add-on to Ontario’s list of vegan eateries. Recently, James McInnes launched his own food truck, where he sells his famous “Big MacInnes” burger and other amazing vegan dishes. You can stop by his food truck two days a week at Western University in London, Ontario.




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