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Former Irish President Urges Young Leaders to Stop Eating Meat

Mary Robinson at the 2014 One Young World Conference in Ireland

Former Irish president Mary Robinson urged young leaders to stop eating meat while speaking at the One Young World Summit in Ottawa, Canada.

Mrs. Robinson had previously negotiated on the Paris Agreement regarding climate change with other world leaders. However, she spoke again regarding this matter while standing in front of 1,300 young leaders from 196 nations, asking them to consider the impact that we have on our environment.

“We do not need to consume as much as we have in the world,” she stated. “We have a world where there’s inequity and inequality. We can be simpler in the parts of the world that have benefited from fossil fuel.”

The meat industry has a terrible impact on the environment, as they consume great amounts of fossil fuels, grains and water every year.

“We need each of us to think about our carbon footprint. Eat less meat, or no meat at all. Become vegetarian or vegan.”

While Mrs. Robinson is not vegan or vegetarian herself, it is great to see that even those who are consuming meat have decided to learn about what is impacting our environment the most.

This former president’s speech is a huge motivation for meat eaters to finally realize what a terrible impact slaughterhouses have on our environment. She has set a great example for the world and leaders-to-be.

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