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Sacramento Supports Meat-Free Mondays in Honour of Paul McCartney


Sacramento, California is advancing in the world veganism, as the city is now supporting “Meatless Mondays” – and it’s all for Sir Paul McCartney.

On Tuesday night, the city of Sacramento decided to pass a resolution declaring that from now on, Mondays will be meat-free in honour of McCartney, a vegetarian and ex-member of The Beatles.

“It’s been Farm to Fork Week… and one of the things we realized would be fun to do and exciting for the whole city was this resolution,” said Crystal Strait, who is the chief of staff to the mayor. “It’s super cool that this city isn’t just giving [McCartney] a swag bag, we’re doing something to celebrate something that is important to him.”

The city is indeed taking this resolution into consideration, since 22 restaurants will be featuring their own special McCartney-themed menus for the entire month of October.

In addition, you can go and see Mr. McCartney perform this weekend at Golden 1 Center, where he will be playing the opening night concert.

This resolution is encouraging residents to eat meat-free foods one day a week. Although, residents still do have the freedom of dietary choices – after all, it is a resolution. But at the end of the day, it is great that the head of the city is encouraging residents to lower their consumption of meat.

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