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Cast Your Vote in “The Great Vegan Bake-Off 2016”


Since 2013, PETA UK has been hosting an event called “The Great Vegan Bake-Off.” However, this year’s event is going to get even tougher with vegan baking on the rise!

Bloggers, YouTubers and master bakers were invited to participate in this year’s event to “put their baking skills to the test.”

However, 12 finalists have been picked and you can now vote in The Great Vegan Bake-Off 2016.

Creations from past winners include Chocolate Beetroot Cake, Ombre Vanilla Dream Cake and Vegan Caramel and Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie.

PETA is getting ready to award the 2016 winner; however, it is up to you to vote! Votes are accepted until October 10, 2016 and the winner will be announced by October 14. Judges will take into consideration the total amount of votes and how tasty these baked creations look while picking a winner.

Visit PETA.org.uk to take a look at the amazing baked goods and to cast your final vote!

© Featured image from PETA.org.uk

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