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Luxury Fashion Brand Eliminates Fur

© Joie
© Joie

Yet another fashion brand has decided to eliminate fur from their clothing products!

After a meeting with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Dutch, the parent company of luxury fashion labels Joie, Equipment, and Current/Elliott, has decided to eliminate any products made with fur from their brands.

According to PETA director Anne Brainard: “By banning fur from all its brands, Dutch is taking a stand against caging, electrocuting, and beating beautiful animals for jackets and scarves.”

Animals spend terrible fates in the fashion industry. They are beaten, poisoned and skinned alive to create fashion luxuries. However, luxurious products have been created with more compassionate materials, such as synthetic leathers and faux-fur.

Dutch joins many other companies who have ditched fur, including Armani, J.Crew, Ralph Lauren, Clavin Klein, Vivienne Westwood, and Benetton amongst several others. PETA’s currently working on adding Michael Kors to the list, and you can sign their petition here.

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