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London’s Got an All-Vegan Supermarket

© GreenBay via Facebook
© GreenBay via Facebook

When The Cruelty Free Shop, the world’s biggest vegan supermarket, opened in Melbourne, Australia, vegans from around the world were going crazy to shop their thousands of products and 50 different vegan cheeses. But there’s one problem: Australia’s completely on the other side of the world. Well, vegans have had some good news as vegan supermarkets have been opening all around the world, and one recently opened in London, England.

GreenBay opened during the spring to vegans and foodies alike. According to their website, “every product that we stock is completely free of animal products and derivatives, including our cosmetic, cleaning, and personal care range – which are never tested on animals.”

© GreenBay via Facebook
© GreenBay via Facebook

GreenBay stocks a variety of different vegan products from big brands such as Follow Your Heart and Tofurky and British brands such as Alpro.

GreenBay is located at 228 North End Road, London, W14 9NU and joins the many vegan supermarkets around the world, including Veganz in Germany, The Cruelty Free Shop in Melbourne, Australia, Gal Hayarok (Green Wave) in Israel, Orchard Grocer and Haymaker’s Corner Store in New York, and meat-free market Karma in Switzerland.

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