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Rare White Moose Spotted in Sweden

White Moose
A rare white moose was spotted in Sweden. It is one of the 100 left on the planet.

On August 11, a rare white moose was spotted taking a short swim in Värmland County, in west-central Sweden.

According to BBC, there are only about 100 of these moose left in the world, and while you may think that it is an albino moose, its white coat and antlers are actually caused by a genetic mutation.

Hans Nilsson, whose footage of the moose went viral online, had told a local radio station that he had finally fulfilled one of his dreams, having been searching for this moose for three years. Of the 100 left in the world, about half of them are located in Western Värmland.

“You see the white moose go down into the water, take some chimps forward, climb on the other side and then bite some leaves and then turn to me and look straight into the camera,” he said.

He was only a few meters away from the moose, who ate and kept its cool the entire time.

“It was a great feeling when you see such a unique animal that is not at all concerned with people.”

The white moose isn’t the only animal whose colour is affected by a genetic mutation. The Kermode bears, or “Spirit Bears,” of the Great Bear Rainforest, located on the Pacific Coast of British Columbia, have yellowish-white fur caused by a genetic mutation. Due to their rarity, these bears are being protected along with black bears because they can pass down the gene.

The white moose is also protected in certain parts of Canada, such as Ontario, where regulations were passed to protect this rare moose, who are easy targets due to their visible colour.

If you ever had the chance to feast your eyes on such a beauty, then consider yourself lucky. As Nilsson puts it, “This is as great as seeing a leopard in Africa.”




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