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London Residents Can Get Door-to-Door Vegan Steak Deliveries

It even bleeds!
Photo: Deliveroo

Vegan “bleeding” burgers seem to be the thing right now. The Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger are arguably one of the biggest food trends at the moment, and “bleeding” meat is becoming more mainstream.

London-based Argentinian steakhouse Moo Cantina has embraced this popular trend and in honour of World Vegan Day, they added a vegan steak that “bleeds” beetroot juice, much like the Beyond and Impossible burgers.

But guess what? Moo Cantina has taken things up a notch by offering door-to-door vegan steak deliveries through a partnership with Deliveroo to postcodes in the areas of Pimlico and around Brick Lane. Since November 1st, it has been available at midday for £9.95.

“We’re proud to offer Brits some of the best vegan food available in the country,” said Joe Groves, head of consumer communications at Deliveroo.

“For World Vegan Day, we wanted to offer a realistic ‘fake steak,’ something delicious but completely free of animal products.

“Who better to get the look and taste right than the experts at Argentinian steak house Moo Cantina?”

According to Deliveroo, the steak was created with customers in mind. The company has seen a rise of 213% in vegan orders over the years.

So far, the vegan “bleeding” steak has been a hit, getting 93% overall score so far based on more than 50 reviews on Deliveroo. You can order the steak here.




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