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15-Course Vegan Christmas Banquet Coming to Manchester

The Vegan Xmas EXTRAVAGANZO will feature cocktails and canapés followed by a 15-course plant-based banquet.
Photo: Vegan Xmas EXTRAVAGANZO/Eventbrite

If there’s one place you want to be during the Christmas holidays this year, it’s Manchester, England. Why? Because they’re getting an all-vegan Christmas banquet!

With their savoury dishes and funky treat, he 15-course Vegan Xmas EXTRAVAGANZO will prove that a vegan Christmas is a lot more than just a nut roast.

The main dishes will be created by MasterChef semi-finalist Jackie Kearney, whose plates are inspired by her travels from all around the globe. The desserts will be made by Charlotte O’Toole, the baker and pastry chef behind Bakorama.

The banquet is a part of the new RedbankCo Pop-Up Incubator project in Manchester’s Green Quarter. The pop-up was created so that soon-to-be food professionals would be able to present their delicious creations.

“I wanted to create an environment that allows the operator to focus on the food and the customer experience, without needing to worry about the setup and operation of running a business,” says RedbankCo owner, Pete Sheppard.

Sheppard wants to grow his pop-up and is willing to run pop-up nights every single week.

“I believe that RedbankCo can be the destination for the pop-up restaurant scene in Manchester,” he adds.

The Vegan Xmas EXTRAVAGANZO will take place on December 1 from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm. Tickets cost £40.29 and can be purchased here.





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