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INTERMIX is Going Fur-Free


The popular New York-based fashion retailer, INTERMIX, announced that they will no longer be selling any products with fur.

This retailer store owned by Gap Inc. sells designer brands and exclusive products at more than 40 stores across the United States and Canada. However, this is the first time that they will be eliminating fur from their stores.

In addition, their decision has officially completed the list stating that the top three retailer stores in the world – Gap Inc., Inditex and H&M – have gone completely fur-free.

Although, some of the credit is due to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), as they met with INTERMIX and Gap Inc. to discuss how cruelty is involved in the production of fur.

“INTERMIX’s compassionate and business-savvy decision to ban fur has made a world of difference for animals who are caged, shocked, beaten, and skinned alive for coats, collars, and cuffs,” said Tracy Reiman, PETA’s Executive Vice President.

INTERMIX’s actions are well appreciated by vegans alike, and they have joined several brands that have eliminated fur, including Armani, J. Crew and even Ralph Lauren.

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