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You Can Now Wear Comfy Vegan High Heels

© Featured image from Veerah
© Veerah

In both the vegan and non-vegan fashion industries, it is very hard to find nice high heels that are not only stylish, but comfortable as well. However, Stacey Chang has solved this problem by designing comfortable vegan high heels for her brand, Veerah.

Chang founded Veerah when she was tired of going to work in shoes that bothered her feet. She left her corporate job and founded a shoe business, which was just launched on October 16.

“I was travelling a lot for work and could only take a carry-on on the plane,” said Chang regarding her decision. “I needed one shoe that could look good for everything – and an accessory could change up a look.”

Chang’s collection took two years to complete and she has had experience in the fashion industry, having worked at Estée Lauder in Hong Kong and at Coach. However, this is her first experience in the footwear industry, despite the fact that she studied design in Italy, where she learned the basics about footwear.

Now, she has launched a collection of shoes that not only look luxurious, but are also very comfortable. In fact, this is because of the memory foam that is inserted onto the balls, heels and arch support of her shoes. You will also find anti-cushioning friction at the heel of every shoe, organic-cotton lining and a flexible outsole with anti-slip properties.

In addition, every single shoe comes with an accessory, making Chang’s collection that much more unique.

However, it will also please customers to know that Chang carefully chose the name of her brand, as “Veerah” is Sanskrit for “warrior.”

“Modern women are like warriors,” said Chang. “Ready to conquer the world.”

You can browse through Veerah’s products online. Retail prices range from $258 to $288 and extra accessories cost from $24 to $38.

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