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IKEA Features Vegan Food this Earth Day

IKEA decided to promote vegan food this Earth Day.

Our planet is so precious, there is an entire day dedicated to it every year (April 22), called “Earth Day.”

This year, major Swedish furniture retailer IKEA decided to celebrate by promoting vegan food products.

“Celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd with mouth-wateringly healthy recipes made from plant-based ingredients you can grow at home. These recipes will boost your body and mind while bringing you close to nature,” the company wrote in a recent newsletter.

And you are helping the planet too! By simply reducing the amount of meat you consume, you are lowering the demand for animal products. As a result, fewer animals will be killed in slaughterhouses, which means that greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced.

With the amount of toxins humans emit and the pollution that is being produced every day, it has been more important than ever for the human race to pay attention to how they are affecting the planet and how they can reduce their impact by living sustainably. One great way to help is to go vegan, and if you’re already vegan… way to go!

You can also browse IKEA’s plant-based recipes here, which include recipes for making “power” juice, chia pudding, as well as a delicious cashew cream.

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