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Forbes Features Founder of Luxury Vegan Shoe Brand VEERAH on How to Make a Luxury Shoe

VEERAH shoes are made to last.
Photo: VEERAH/Facebook

Media outlet Forbes has been on the roll with veganism lately. From featuring vegan chef Matthew Kenney to vegan fashion to stating that all businesses have to go vegan to survive in the upcoming years, they’re totally understanding the permanent vegan trend.

Now, Forbes recently featured Stacey Chang, founder of luxury vegan shoe brand VEERAH, who was one of the latest entrepreneurs to be chosen to talk about her startup on Launch Pad with Karl Ulrich.

“Veerah is inspired by women, made by warriors,” Chang said as part of her elevator pitch. “We are a mission-driven luxury shoe company founded for women to conquer the world in style and make a positive impact. Veerah is PETA approved vegan. All of our shoes are responsibly sourced and meticulously crafted without compromising quality and style.”

During the actual talk, Ulrich was curious to find out how Chang’s shoes are made and how she got started in the first place, considering many people aren’t associated with new ventures.

Chang’s first step was to actually pitch her idea to factory owners, stating: “I put together a presentation deck. I don’t think they see that often inside the factories, right?

“I showed them how I see our business from today to year five. And I showed them today we have something unique and proved to them that there is a need in the marketplace and how I envision that we can grow long term.”

Chang believes that it is important for aspiring entrepreneurs to share their vision. She also believes that persistence is crucial to success. Chang had to pitch her vision to a lot of factories before finding the ones that resonated with her, describing it as “a long process.”

Persistence truly is key. After all, people often find that it is the last key that opens the door. You can listen to the full conversation here.




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