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Bears and Mountain Lions to Live in Better Environments at Spring River Park & Zoo

Mountain lions are beautiful creatures and do not deserve to live in cramped spaces. Fortunately, some are in luck in New Mexico.

Victory! Thanks to dedicated work from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), two bears and two mountain lions will be removed from concrete pits at Spring River Park & Zoo in Roswell, New Mexico, and will spend the rest of their lives in new and spacious habitats.

This decision follows a letter of complaint that was sent by PETA to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) along with a picture of an obese mountain lion, urging them to look into the conditions of animals at Spring River Park & Zoo.

It has been proven that animals do not strive in the small, cramped settings that zoos offer. In some zoos, many animals suffer from “zoochosis,” a mental condition in which animals will perform odd behaviours, such as pacing, because of their environment. Sometimes it becomes so extreme that animals will bite or hurt themselves out of despair.

In fact, PETA even released a video footage showing animals in distress at Spring River Park & Zoo. For example, the mountain lions and bears were found pacing, which indicates psychological distress.

“From a seemingly obese mountain lion to an endlessly pacing coyote, animals are suffering at Spring River Park & Zoo, as evidence shows,” said PETA Foundation Director of Captive Animal Law Enforcement, Brittany Peet.

PETA had been advocating for animal rights at city-owned Spring River Park & Zoo for quite a while; however, they kept on getting rejected. As a result, they launched a campaign, which included their letter of complaint sent to the USDA.

Thankfully, their campaign worked, as the zoo will be improving environments for the animals they house.

But that’s not all! The zoo developed a “Master Plan,” which also includes hiring experienced zookeepers, as well as building new and lush habitats for the animals among other things. The bears and mountain lions will soon be happy to call this place home!





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