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Editor Reviews Tennis Star Novak Djokovic’s Raw Vegan Lasagna


This year, Novak Djokovic, the #1 Tennis player in the world for men’s singles tennis, opened a vegan restaurant called Eqvita, alongside his wife Jelena.

So far, the restaurant has been a hit; however, popularity obviously means reviews! It turns out that People editor Catherine Kast went to Monte Carlo to try one of Mr. Djokovic’s favourite dishes: the zucchini lasagna served at his restaurant.

After tasting it, Mrs. Kast knew immediately why the restaurant was such as hit; the lasagna – which is raw and vegan – was absolutely delicious! She even recreated it at home for her husband, who is a tennis fan himself.

“I loved it so much that I decided to try to make it for my tennis-obsessed (but not health-obsessed) husband. He ended up cleaning his plate! Because there is protein in the nuts and lots of fibre in the veggies, it’s filling, but it’s the fresh flavors of the three different sauces that make each bite totally delicious,” stated Mrs. Kast.

Mrs. Kast included the recipe in her review so that you can try it at home. All of the ingredients are accessible at your local grocery store and isn’t very difficult to make. This way, those who aren’t in Monte Carlo can enjoy the delicious vegan galore that Eqvita has to offer!

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